Sky Twins by Ravinanda Landmarks Offers Luxurious 2 BHK Apartments

Luxury starts from home. If you want to live luxurious and sophisticated life, you need to have a house that exactly reflects high end sophistication. Buying a property is one of the major financial decisions that we ever take in our lifetime. So, no wonder making such a decision is tricky and complicated. A lot of thinking processes are involved before purchasing a property. Mainly, three things are ensured by the buyers. The first thing is location of the property. Second thing is condition of the property. Finally, the last thing is security options. If you want all these three things to be poised perfectly, choose properties at Sky Twins Pune.

Sky Twins Kondhwa Pune

It is a project by Ravinanda Landmarks. Situated over 2 acres of land, this real estate residential hub has been developed with utmost modernity and sophistication. You shall find two sky kissing residential towers within the project premise, featuring total 15 floors. Total number of flat is around 112, and each apartment is designed with seamless modernity as well as luxury. Beautiful interior is the major highlight. Rooms are spacious, kitchens are design with modular setup provision and bathrooms feature ultra modernization. Overall, it is a terrific residential complex for dwelling.

For the convenience of dwellers, Sky Twins by Ravinanda Landmarks offers swimming pools, playing grounds, gyms and various other luxury amenities. If location is the major factor for judging a property’s value or worth, then this residential complex will surely clinch your attention on this regard. Proximity to Pune – Mumbai Expressway is the major highlight of the property. Schools and colleges are located within 10-15 minutes drive from the place. Super specialty hospital is also easy to be accessed, while various medical clinics are there to handle any medical emergency cases. Vast greeneries at the surrounding area offer peaceful and pollution free living.

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